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Protection & Insurance

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Your Home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

Get Mortgage always recommends a fully protected mortgage.

Get Mortgage is an Independent Mortgage Broker, this means that we are also have access the whole market for your insurance protection needs. A mortgage may be one of your biggest monthly commitments. Therefore, if you take one out it is important to think about protecting you and your family in case the ‘worst was to happen’. This will help you to maintain your mortgage payments. We can provide protection insurance from a panel of trusted insurers and produce a full recommendation.

Income protection and insurance

Protect your Income

Income Protection Insurance is a insurance policy to help you, if you can’t work because you’re ill or injured. You can use your income protection cover to receive a monthly tax-free income until you’re well enough to go back to work. You can use this to pay your bills, your mortgage or even medical costs. There is no limit on the number of claims you can make. In case if you are never able to work again due to illness or injury, the benefit will usually be paid until your selected retirement age or for the chosen term of the policy if earlier.

Mortgage protection and insurance

Life Insurance & Critical Illness

No-one wants to give the matter too much thought, but there is something very reassuring about knowing, that if the worst were to happen, your mortgage and other debts would be repaid, meaning your family would be financially secure. This is where life assurance can play a major part in protecting your family’s future. You can combine Life Insurance with Critical Illness cover in one plan. Upon diagnosis of one of the covered critical illnesses, you will be paid a tax free lump sum. You can use this to pay your mortgage, pay other debts, seek private medical treatment or just enjoy life with your family…. In short, it’s up to you what you decide to do with the cover.


Home Insurance

Protect your family home

An important condition of your mortgage loan agreement is that you have adequate home insurance in place. Home protection and insurance covers you in the event of damage to your home. Whether its a flood, a fire or a storm that damages your property or just an accident within the home, that causes damage internally, the cost of repair can be an unwelcome or potentially disastrous expense. You can manage all of these risks easily with the right home insurance.

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